Live On Tour! 2XLP (Magenta Galaxy)

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Boasting tracks recorded across the globe over the past two years, Live On Tour! features new and old Thornhill favorites captured in the wild, with singles taken from their debut 2019 album The Dark Pool and their sophomore 2022 album Heroine, as well as their latest material.  


  1. Arkangel (Live in Seattle, USA)
  2. All The Light We Don't See (Live in Melbourne, AUS
  3. Lily & The Moon (Live in Melbourne, AUS)
  4. Casanova (Live in New York, USA)


  1. Coven (Live in Manchester, UK)
  2. Hollywood (Live in Cardiff, UK)
  3. Leather Wings (Live in Chicago, USA
  4. Obsession (Live in Perth, AUS)



  1. Raw (Live in Cincinnati, USA)
  2. The Haze (Live in Melbourne, AUS)
  3. Red Summer Feat. Lucas Woodland (Live in Melbourne, AUS)
  4. The Hellfire Club (Live in Cologne, DE)


  1. Views From The Sun (Live in Atlanta, USA)
  2. Viper Room (Live in Newcastle, UK)
  3. Where We Go When We Die (Live in Sydney, AUS)

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